Mural painting (Trees of life)

acrylic paints on 6.5m x 2.5m Wall at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh.


From Left to right :Cedrus libani , Acacia gerradii , Draceana ombet, Mimusops lauifiolius, Juniperus phoenicea, Quercus aegilops


Trees of life is a commisioned mural by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh,  part of their 2012 Fringe festival exhibition  'Paradise Restored' 

An exhibition exploring the fragile relationship between people and plants in the mountains, marshes and deserts of south-west Asia, from Turkey to Afghanistan. The focus is on projects that provide positive hope and inspiration for a greener future. This exhibition is presented by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and the Centre for Middle Eastern Plants. 



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