Someone who is not like anyone 2007



Installation in 6 parts with video, painting, sound, reflective surface, wooden structure and transparent fabric.

3:00 minutes, loop,sound,color, for single channel projection,dimention variable.


Someone who is not like anyone is  a single-screen video installation exploring  the depth of female identity that is primarily based on women appearance by focusing on how their identity can be made fluid by different type of clothing.


This work accompanied by a sound track(Collaboration with Claudia Vogelgsang) developed especially for the video.

This video first exhibited in relation to the installation it originally animated. A surrounding chamber out of transparent black fabric through which the viewer can see a distant video image; a series of portrait images on a different plane. The painting was at the entrance of the installation and the intense gaze of the portrait image invited the viewer to find out what dwelled behind the surface. 


When the audience entered the installation, they confronted a glass bin, which held a reflection of the both the changing projected photographic portrait and the viewer. The glass serves as a mirror, and encouraged the viewer to recognise that, as with the changing portrait image, they too might be identified as 'the Other'. 


In response, viewers were encouraged to develop their own narrative, depending on their life experience. The audience was afforded contrasting experiences through the softly billowing fabric that surrounds the installation and through the sharply slashed surface of the painting.